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Rahr to the Rescue is partnered with local dog shelters and sanctuaries, and together we are trying to find forever homes for dogs waiting adoption. View our lovable pups available for adoption below, and click to inquire.

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Senior male dog with retinal degeneration. Black lab. DOB: unknown.

When Barry first arrived into the Humane Tomorrow Rescue program, we suspected him of being a drunk. He displayed some pretty classic symptoms: clumsiness, apprehension when navigating sidewalk curbs, stumbling and staggering into furniture and walls, calling his friends at all hours of the night just to tell them he loves them.


Just kidding about that last part, but you get the picture. Something just wasn't right. After a battery of (expensive!) tests and doctor's visits, Barry's drunk and disorderly condition was diagnosed as retinal degeneration. Loveable, lush Barry was officially loveable, Blind Barry.


Barry has plenty of challenges he has to manage from day to day when it comes to his failing vision. Things some dogs may take for granted, like jumping off the sofa after a nap, or remembering where he left his favorite boney are everyday setbacks. Just because life is tough, Barry's demeanor remains unflappably charming; he's a happy dog. His favorite way to spend the afternoon is galloping through the dog park with his neighbors, stopping to sniff every shrub he trips over along the way. He joins his family on trips to the local patio bar and soaks up the love and adoration from the people he meets. He sleeps soundly every night and dreams the same adorable puppy dreams like any dog, toes gently frolicking, woofs whispered softly.


Barry is an inspiration. Life handed Barry a bunch of lemons, and he didn't even stop to make lemonade. He keeps marching (staggering!) onward, unfazed by his disability. He lives his life the only way he knows how, full of love and delirious contentment.





Adult, Female. Dogue de Bordeaux mix

Laya - the zoomie queen - is 2 years and 70 lbs of pure love. Her one-of-a-kind personality is bubbly, quirky, and plain goofy! She loves to steal bones and toys from her foster friends and do her "show pony trot" to her crate where she'll keep them for herself. She enjoys being outside on walks or chasing tennis balls. Once she bonds with her new family she will want to just hang out near you wherever you are- sometimes turning into a lap dog to get all the belly rubs she can. Your home will always be full of laughter with Laya around! She's truly a wonderful dog and companion. Laya is fully house trained, great with cats, and enjoys being in her crate as it's her safe space. 

Because of her rough start at life she needs slow introductions and time to get comfortable in her new home. Even though she's done well with her foster family's 1 year old, they believe she would thrive with children over 10 who can respect her space while she adjusts. She's friendly with dogs who will do the same so older dogs would be ideal. A predictable and calm environment would be perfect for her.




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Adult (4 years), Female. Mixed boxer/bulldog. Weight: 52 lb (medium).

Please meet “ Pumpkin , aka "Tonka" (built like a truck), "Dolly Parton" (big chest and wide smile), and "Fiona-princess". Pumpkin is an energetic, enthusiastic love-machine. She is the most cuddly and affectionate dog I've ever met. She loves to lay her chin on your chest and gaze into your eyes.


Pumpkin is a Boxer/Bulldog/Terrier/Ridgeback-ish? mix of something. She is low to the ground but quick and strong. 52 pounds of love and about 4 years old!Smart. Stubborn. Sweet. Funny. Snorty...And from a color perspective has the most beautiful tones of brown.


She has chocolate brown eye liner and her eyes are the color of warm whiskey.Pumpkin is looking for a great home.


She HAS to be the only dog. She is great on a leash and loves short walks. She loves to run zoomies in the backyard (do not recommend these in the house!) and is a great watch dog. We believe she could be taught to skateboard, surf, kayak, carry a pack, do therapy work (with a bit more training). She is up for anything.


Pumpkin needs to be with her people. She loves people. She is a really special girl and hoping to find a great, loving home. 





Adult, Male. Pointer Mix. 

Angus came to us from the Laredo shelter after being diagnosed with a bone infection. We had him on various antibiotics for a while, but nothing seemed to help, and he was in so much pain. After his leg was amputated, he feels so much better!

This adorable tripod is now living full time in the office at our center, and all he wants in life is to be with his people. He seriously loves every person he meets at the rescue, and everyone who meets him instantly falls in love. We do recommend a home without really young kiddos, only because he can get overstimulated when things are super crazy. He loves snuggles and cuddles, is fully housebroken, and wants to be your goofy 3 legged best friend! He plays well with other dogs...on his terms and just needs slow intros. He prefers female dogs and seems to be stressed by large male dogs.

Angus does have some issues with separation anxiety, but is currently on medicine to correct that and is doing much better. He will need a foster or adopter who is willing to give him the time and attention he deserves!

Please consider helping this beautiful boy finally find his perfect family!





Adult, Male. Mixed/Labrador retreiver. 
DOB: 12/14/13

Evander is a long term resident at HSDC! He has been at the shelter for FOUR crazy years. He is so loved by staff and volunteers that he now has his own guest cottage at the shelter. It was built especially for him!

In 2016 he was found living on the rough streets of Dallas. Since he is also missing one of his ears he earned the appropriate name of Evander. Just like the boxer, he is big, strong, and energetic. In a person, these traits are represented in many of our best and admired athletes. For dogs, it can make them more difficult to place. Our boy needs a person that is physically strong to walk him, and mentally strong to keep him focused, work with him, and train him. When playing, Evander can be a big goofball. He loves to un-stuff toys, throw ropes around, and play in the kiddie pool during the summer. If "E" knows you well, he is a very loving dog! He will sit as close as possible to get full body scratches and rubs. If he is unfamiliar with you, he is hesitant, cautious, and protective. All in all, he is a great dog for the right person!


Nothing would make us happier than for Evander to have his own home. Please fill out an application for a Meet n Greet. Multiple meetings will be required. Be the hero that Evander needs! Maybe you need him too!

The adopter for Evander should not have children or other pets in the home. His home should be a quiet place where there are not a lot of people coming and going. He is also not recommended for apartment life. However, he is recommended to be the most loyal companion a person could ask for!

The adoption donation is tax deductible and includes spay/neuter, microchip, and shots. All dogs are on heartworm preventative or treatment.

Adoption Donation $100





Adult, Female. Mixed Pit/Labrador retreiver. 

Gemmelle is a special case, after being starved almost to death she fought hard to regain weight and she continues to fight her mental demons. She has worked daily to overcome the PTSD she experiences from prior abuse. This sweet girl loves all people, but prefers the adult variety (she says the little kiddos can be a bit overwhelming). This girly wants to be the center of your world and is looking for someone to dust off her throne and keep her crown sparkling. She would like a home with no other pets, so she can get all the attention. She'd love to find someone crafty who would like to build her a beautiful sensory garden and who will take extra care to make sure her toy bin is always filled to the brim with stuffies for her to shred. Gemma knows basic obedience and is crate and house trained.



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